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We are Lovyrs, a premium organic food company located in south Crete GR

About us

We offer quality products rich in valuable ingredients for health, at the final stage of maturation, directly from the plants and trees without chemical or other processing of maturing.


I_DA Premium Organics is a family-owned food company with farms in Tertsa, North Crete.


We are dedicated to bringing our customers organically grown avocados, bananas, papaya, physalis, guava and other foods that are staples of the legendarily healthy Mediterranean diet.


We cultivate Bananas, Papayas, Physalis and Guavas. Our goal is to lay the foundations of a quality and healthy organic market worldwide.


All our products are certified by IRIS, a Control and Certification Body for Organic products. IRIS was approved by the Ministry of Agriculture as a European Body and its certificates are recognised worldwide.

Our products are produced and sold as organic within the EU.


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